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Pandav Goyenda

12 VCD released

From the famous children’s adventure novel of Sri Sashtipada Chattyopadhyay we developed an animation series. This was also a super hit animation product in West Bengal market along with Nonte Fonte. Over a period of 4 years it continuously gets the second place in Akash Bangla.



Nonte Fonter nanan Kirti

30 VCD and 1 Combo pack Released.

The famous comic series of Sri Narayan Debnath. We developed an animation series based on this comic. This was also a super hit animation product in West Bengal market. Over a period of 4 years it continuously gets the first place in Akash Bangla. Previously it was also telecasted in ATN Bangla for 11 episodes



Client Name: RHMedia Pvt. ltd

Job’s Nature : 2D Animation Serial. We have done the storyboard of 15 episodes and animation of 5 episodes including Background. Telecasting in Discovery Kids


Ke Mohan Comics

Client Name: Udbodhan Karyalaya, Ramakrishna Mission.

Job’s Nature : Development of an Comic book named “Putulder Golpo”. This project contains of 4 stories told by Swami Vivekananda in his lectures.  The total project done in-house of our studio.



Client Name: Save The Children (UK)

Job’s Nature : Development of an 15 minutes animated movie named “Bapi”. The story tells about a slam boy’s passion of education. Finally he gets an another boy of his same age belongs in high society as his teacher. After a mental confrontation society approve his wills.


Bal Ganesha

Client Name : ‘Goldtoonz’,

Job Description :    70 minutes 2D animated movie named Ganesha part3

Job’s Nature : This is the product of ‘Shemaroo’. We have done Character Development, Storyboard, Animatic, Animation, Background and Composition.



Gopal Bhar

As Serial

Gopal Bhand of Krishna Nagar was famous for his buffoonery act. He kept the people of Krishna Nagar laughter with his activities. This projects gets the maximum highlights on Bengali animation market. This project wasawarded by ATN Kolkata in year 2003. Several news channels  i,e Alfa Bangla, Etv, Akash Bangla, Taza khabar, CTVN etc. and news papers had reported on their media. It was telecasted On Akash Bangla for 230 episodes (22 mins. each). This was the highest G.R.P producing programme for that channel. Now it is showing on Sony Aath.

As Home Video

There are 5 Vcd’s and 8 DVDs. For purchase Please visit