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Client Name: RHMedia Pvt. ltd

Job’s Nature : 2D Animation Serial. We have done the storyboard of 15 episodes and animation of 5 episodes including Background. Telecasting in Discovery Kids


Ke Mohan Comics

Client Name: Udbodhan Karyalaya, Ramakrishna Mission.

Job’s Nature : Development of an Comic book named “Putulder Golpo”. This project contains of 4 stories told by Swami Vivekananda in his lectures.  The total project done in-house of our studio.



Client Name: Save The Children (UK)

Job’s Nature : Development of an 15 minutes animated movie named “Bapi”. The story tells about a slam boy’s passion of education. Finally he gets an another boy of his same age belongs in high society as his teacher. After a mental confrontation society approve his wills.


Bal Ganesha

Client Name : ‘Goldtoonz’,

Job Description :    70 minutes 2D animated movie named Ganesha part3

Job’s Nature : This is the product of ‘Shemaroo’. We have done Character Development, Storyboard, Animatic, Animation, Background and Composition.