We offer complete Production Services for the Clients – i,e “From Script To Screen”. Usually we are engaged mainly into our in-house productions. Recently we want to manifest ourselves  into outsourcing / assignment basis jobs too.  We can provide you the below mentioned services. Feel free to contact us. Our efficiency always will be with you.

  • Concept :–   We are associated with many professional concept writers. As per clients requirement we used to develop concepts.
  • Direction: We have both in-house and associated Directors to care any productions. They are experienced and obviously creative too. Our footprints are published on Feature Film, Documentaries, T.V Serials (both in Animation and real shooting), Corporate Films and Advertisements.
  • Script:- Our in-house and associated talented script writers always make the clients happy. Available languages are – English, Hindi & Bengali. From 10 Sec. advertisements to Feature Film – We are booming. Recently we are completely penetrating only into children segments.
  • Character Development :– We have in-house artists to develop cartoon characters as per consepts/scripts requirements.
  • Voice Over & Dubbing:  Our professional team handles a lot of assignments for several Satellite T.V Channels and in-house too.
  • Storyboard & Animatics:- We are expertise to produce storyboards and animatics. We have done some international projects too. As example, SheZow, Buzz bumble etc.
  • Animation And Background:- This is our key field. We work mainly with 2D animations. Our experience varies from regional television to International T.V serials. Some of the major projects, except our in-house productions, are “Kumbh-Karan (CN)”, Shaktimaan (Nick), Shezow, Buzz bumble etc.
  • Editing & VFX:We have strong post production team to support the clients in this field.

At a glance of our streams / services.

  • Animation Serial (2D)
  • Animated Feature Film (2D)
  • Animated Home Videos (DVD /VCD)
  • Comics Book development
  • E-learning projects
  • Produce 2D Documentaries /  Short animated stories for NGO and Promotional agencies.